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28.03.2019 06:38

  • Liquiject

    bigpicWe operate the only Liquiject machines in the UK. These machines can be used to quickly and efficiently apply any liquids directly into the rootzone on any turf surface.
    Waste-free Performance
    Unlike conventional systems, LiquiJect performs two operations at once — precision placement of water-based solutions and aeration — allowing quick coverage of an entire golf course in one day.
    Turf remains usable, even immediately after aeration, because no soil cores are extracted.
    Injection rate is adjustable by speed and pressure, allowing the LiquiJect system to be used with a variety of products.
    Scientifically engineered SpikeWheel technology delivers soil surfactants where they are most beneficial — below the thatch.
    In early trials, turf treated with the LiquiJect system appears as healthy as turf treated with core aeration and provides faster results.
    Better for the Environment
    LiquiJect technology delivers liquids below the surface, directly to the roots, decreasing human and animal exposure to chemicals.
    Placing fertilizer at the root zone optimizes absorption and growth potential, resulting in healthier turf.
    LiquiJect eliminates waste by ensuring that all product is delivered directly to the target area, unlike surface-applied liquids that can evaporate or bind to surface residue before absorption, resulting in product loss.
    Sub-surface injection minimizes runoff, making LiquiJect the best choice for injection of liquids in turf adjacent to bodies of water
    Soil polymers such as Zeba or Stockosorb can be successfully placed into the soil with Liqujects to increase water holding capacity and reduce irrigation costs.

    Please contact Richard for a demonstration or details
    07963520734 or email

  • Click this link to download information sheet