The complete plant growth fertiliser, bio-stimulator & carbon control solution.
A bio-fertiliser based on the need for organic mineral complexes in the soil.
Manufactured by building a matrix to hold minerals, organic substances and clay in bio-organic chelates.
- Acts as a sophisticated soil conditioner
- Reduces early frost effects
- Greatly reduces leaching and subsequent contamination of watercourses
- Reduces attacks by soil parasites

Eco-Nova Bio-Fertilisers contain the main building blocks for plant growth;
N (nitrogen),
P (in the form of phosphates P2O5) and
K (in the form of potash K2O).
In addition they contain trace elements including
Fe (iron),
Mg (magnesium),
Mn (manganese),
Cu (copper),
Zn (zinc),
Bo (boron),
Mo (molybdenum),
Ca (calcium) and
S (sulphur).

Eco Nova is one product that will save you time, money and most importantly your turf. We are able to inject the fertilizer directly into the root system where it 

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